Sustainable crop application to build better soils and improve plant growth

Supports Green-up and Healthy Growth

Turf @ 170 LBS/ACRE or Lawn @ 4 LBS PER 1000FT

Progyp™ Benefits – Turf


  • Improves Root Growth
  • Improves Nutrient Uptake
  • Supports N:S Ratio
  • Important Role in Growth and Development
  • Supports Consistent Supply of nutrients
  • No Effect on Soil pH
  • Source of Sulfate S that will not Burn Turf

Remediates Soils:

  • Drives Na, Al, Mg, Salts and Bicarbonates into subsoil
  • Binds with Soluble P to Reduce Run-off
  • Reduces Subsoil Acidity by Driving Al into Subsoil

Improves Soil Properties:

  • Improves Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Promotes Better Aggregation
  • Increases Water Infiltration

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